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About Intermediator

Image of the "intermediator" 

Organizations and societies are now cut off everywhere.

However, both in business and communities, the human community is organized in the " nodes of relationships ".

That's why things and people are indespensable in order to repair, regenerate, and recreate the number of lost links standing in every "between ",


 It is called an "intermediator" which acts as an intermediary for such " knowledge between"

It's totally a different role than a “strong leader” who tries to stand above or in front of someone.

However, in the process of new demands generated and the movements of society and history, people who make unprecedented changes are moving 

 had played important roles, while mediating different fields and fully recognizing each other's differences by " dialogue and collaboration ".


What  is  the Intermediator?

"Intermediator", the core actor of the future society,

Intermediators are things and people that encourage dialogue and collaboration while standing "between" in different worlds,

mediating different fields in different dimensions,

It is the existence that creates new demands and the future

by empowering both sides from every "between".


Necessity of developing talents as intermediators

There are only lectures on "leader development" in the world today.

It's overflowing.


For "intermediators" who stand among people, connect different people, create and innovate projects and outcomes, it’s rare to find a right course for improve these abilities. .

The role of "intermediator" is now a " request of the times " to visualize, nurture and make the most of those abilities.

It will become more and more important from now on to create further business results, and envisage the future collaborative society by "dialogue and collaboration".



New approach of marketing

The idea that a company creates value on its own is no longer valid. In a more modern sense, "marketing" is not only created by the supply side, but also the collaborative work that creates new value with the participation of the demand side or a creative process of separation and collection by a large number of diverse actors. An effective countermeasure, a way of the community and lifestyle innovation, and the new value have started to be springing, not only among the relationship between demand and supply, but also the participation and engagement from the third parties, more over the social network and liquid nodes of relationships which are broader and complicated including nature.


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