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Intermediator Training Program 2018

"Intermediator course advance briefing session"

Holding report

Participants from all over Japan

On April 20, 2018, we held the "Intermediate Course Preliminary Information Session". Despite Friday night, many people who were interested in the new role of "intermediate" participated. In addition to the Dunksoft Nihonbashi Office and Tokushima Smart Office, which were the venues on this day, Hagi is from Gallery JIBITA (Hagiyaki Gallery), Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture to the north, and from the moving train, and the southernmost point is Okinawa. We had you participate remotely from all over Japan using the online conference system.

18:30. The operation check with the participants online has been completed successfully, and the session will start under the chairmanship of Mr. Junya Itabayashi, Director of Dunksoft. Mr. Itabayashi participates in the 2016 Intermediate Course. While developing satellite offices and new business style reforms in various parts of Japan, we are active as an intermediary who makes full use of digital technology.

Encounter with "intermediate" and prospects

Next, we received greetings from President Dunksoft Hoshino and President Cosmopia Tako, who host the 2018 program.

Koichiro Hoshino

Dunk Soft Co., Ltd.

CEO Digital Architect

 Dunksoft probably came across the idea of an "intermediate" about four years ago. Today, I have a connection between this Nihonbashi office and Tokushima smart office, but especially after the earthquake, there was a power outage in Tokyo and there was a nuclear power plant, so I was looking for an alternative place and satellite for 2-3 months in Tokushima. I decided to do an office demonstration experiment.

With that as a starting point, a company that originally did business only in this area of Tokyo has become involved not only in Tokushima but also in various regions with the theme of new work styles and regional revitalization. As the relationship with the region increases, such as Hagi City and Kochi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Utsunomiya and Isesaki in the near future, by going to the region, we are human beings in Tokyo, but there is some chemistry with the local people. I felt like it was happening. What it is and this idea of an intermediary really fits perfectly.

As we may talk about later, the people who take leadership stand out in the world. But instead, I personally feel that the movements and abilities of the people who enter "between" are changing society. By all means, take this opportunity to get to know the idea of an intermediate, and if possible, to become an intermediate, which is meaningless unless you continue, but I hope you will become a companion to learn together. I am thinking. Thank you for visiting us today.

Mr. Itabayashi who participates in the Intermediate Forum 2017 and intermediates the group

Mr. Midori Tako

Representative Director of Cosmopia Co., Ltd.



Welcome today. I first encountered this "intermediate course" about three years ago because of Mr. Hoshino's connection. Mr. Dunksoft has an opportunity to develop human resources for the staff, but there was an opportunity to train while cooking paella in the riverbank of Hanno, and Mr. Cosmopia invited me to join us. I participated. There was Mr. Shigaku there, and it was the beginning that I heard the story. Since then, every year, I have the opportunity to hear from you.

It has been 35 years since both Dunksoft and Cosmopia started a company this year. When I created it, it was a new company in the world, but after 35 years, if I do the same thing, it will not be so new. I have needs, so I can work around, but when I think about the future, the company, myself, and employees have been wondering which way to go, especially after the earthquake.

I met this " intermediate " and said that this would not be a breakthrough. We were very impressed with the fact that we were aiming for it, but it was beyond the extension line.

This time, not only the limited people in Tokyo will receive it, but expanding the base will be a chance to solve social problems and create value, so I will do my best with dunk software. We will proceed with the Tsuyoshi office. We hope that you will take this opportunity to feel this atmosphere together.

Place for Co-learning

`` Intermediator Training Program 2018 ''

From here, we will explain the "Intermediate Course " and " Intermediate Training Program 2018". Matsubara of the Tsuyoshi Shigaku office was in charge of the guidance.

・ What is an intermediate?

・ Why is the existence of intermediates attracting attention now?

(Mainly posted here )

・ Overview of the intermediate "5 Mindsets"

・ Background that the new role of intermediate is indispensable

・ Business thinking and the role of intermediates that will be required in the future

  (I will tell you the details again to those who participated in the course)

After a brief guide, it's time for a dialogue with everyone from all over Japan.

There is only Mr. Itabayashi who makes full use of digital on a daily basis and has many collaborative projects with distant partners and customers, and the facilitation that makes you feel as if you are next to you even remotely will ring your arms. We received various questions and impressions from everyone.



Q & A

About "Intermediate"

Q. What is different from the nature of a leader?

A. The presence of leaders can be a detriment to innovating. Rather, it is the "intermediate" who pays attention to the existence that connects and develops from there. Please refer to the "5 Mindsets" (how to use your mind and mind on a daily basis) that the intermediary has.

( Https:// )

Q. Is the word "intermediate" newly coined in Japan?

A. In English, "intermediator" refers to real estate and other brokerage businesses. However, we have newly defined it as "people who connect between each other and develop new movements from there," and present it as an indispensable role for an unprecedented future society. The intermediary business / catalyst does not change both sides, even if it is in between. The big difference between "intermediators" is that both sides change when you enter between them.

Q. What kind of theoretical background did the intermediary come from?

A. We have further developed relationship marketing and social marketing, and are based on the idea of "third curve marketing" that has been refined as sustainable and effective for the future society.

About "Intermediator Course"

Q.  Is it possible to participate online from a remote location?

A.  We will consider it if there is a request. However, since this program emphasizes dialogue, it is one of the real pleasures to have you participate at the venue, and I would like to inform you that it will be an exercise.

Q. Is there anything that you can read before attending the course so that you can study in advance?

A. We will give it to those who wish to study in advance. However, there is no problem if you come on the day of the course without any prior study.


About "Certified Program"

Q. What kind of points do you evaluate?

A. The Intermediate Evaluation Committee will judge the five mindsets as the central index through the cases submitted. For example, even if there are elements missing from the participants, we will provide learning opportunities such as supplementing them and clarifying future issues through online communication. In addition, we will talk about ethics in the course, so we will make a comprehensive judgment including such things.

Q. Is it possible that even if I participate, I will fall and I will not be able to become a certified person?

A. Think of it as a process for becoming a high-quality intermediate, rather than a program for dropping. We don't have the perfect intermediary from the beginning, and we will continue to prepare a co-learning process where you can continue to learn together.

Q. Does having a certification mean that you are a high-level senior intermediate?

A. If you are thinking of using the name "intermediate" for activities or doing business, this is a program for you to participate. It is not for deciding whether it is above or below. However, it is possible to deepen your own learning because the participation itself is a learning process.

About "Intermediator Training Program"

Q. Please tell us if you have any future prospects for the program itself.

A. By providing opportunities for learning and emergence to intermediates who are trusted and active in their respective fields, they will be more active, broaden the range of business and activities, and produce results and effects. I would like to have it. Therefore, we are not thinking of training a large number of intermediates like in the qualification business. Rather, we hope that the intermediators will be interested in us and that we will be able to produce better results and effects together with those who can continue to learn from each other.

Q. Are there any conditions for participation?

A. Please read the terms and conditions of participation in the Intermediator Development Program in advance.

Thanks to everyone's active participation, we were able to hear various opinions and impressions. Thank you very much. We would like to reflect your thoughts in the operation. We hope that this will be an opportunity for us to continue to work together to create better programs.

★ Click here for details on the "Intermediate Training Program 2019"

★ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from here.

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