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"Intermediator Program"

Participation Terms


This agreement stipulates participation in the "Intermediator Program" sponsored by Shidara & Archipelagos. Before participating, please fully understand the contents of this agreement and comply with it.



1. 1. Precautions for participation

(1) Each program of the "Intermediator Program" requires advance application, and does not support participation reception on the day. The application will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached, so please contact us as soon as possible.

(2) If a participant falls under the category of antisocial forces (gangsters, etc.), he / she is controlled by antisocial forces (gangsters, etc.) or has a relationship with antisocial forces (gangsters, etc.). If it turns out, we will refuse the participation.

(3) Participation for the purpose of soliciting religion, politics or network business (multi-level marketing or infinite chain lectures, etc.) is not permitted.

(4) Participation by those who are hosting (including those who are participating in or involved in) activities related to self-development, spirituality, or activities judged by the Secretariat to be similar to these is not permitted.

(5) Those who have committed or may violate legal compliance or corporate ethics are not allowed to participate.

(6) In this program, in order for all participants to participate comfortably, we do not accept any actions that may make participants feel uncomfortable or hurt their dignity. Specifically, the following examples apply, but are not limited to this.

(1) The act of shooting and recording information belonging to the speaker and the speaker's affiliation without the permission of the speaker or the organizer.

(2) The act of posting images or videos that can be identified by the program participants or related individuals in public or sharing them with others without the permission of the parties concerned.

③ Acts that are deemed to deviate from the purpose of this program or may impair dignity.

④ Acts that are deemed to be contrary to public order or good manners and customs.

⑤ Acts that violate the usage rules of the organizer or the venue.

⑥ Acts that damage the honor of the organizer and this program.

⑦ Other acts that are judged to be uncomfortable for the participants.

(7) Participation in the program may be refused at the discretion of the organizer even after the participation application procedure is completed. Please note that we cannot explain the reasons for refusal.

(8) We are not responsible for any accidents (illness, injury, theft, loss, etc.) in the venue, so please take care of yourself.

(9) Participant's personal information received at the time of application for participation will be used only for program management by the organizer and will not be provided to a third party.

(10) Data, documents, and other information obtained by participating in the program are subject to the copyright, patent rights, or other intellectual property rights protection of the Tsuyoshi Office. Disclosure, disclosure, presentation, distribution, redistribution, distribution, lending, transfer, sale, resale, transmission, distribution, redistribution, transfer, reprint, or these of all or part of the information in any form or method without permission. Acts similar to are prohibited. If you wish to use it, please be sure to contact us in advance.

2. 2. Program content change, interruption, stop

(1) At the discretion of the organizer, all or part of the program may be changed or canceled at will without the consent of the applicant and without prior notice to the applicant. will do.

(2) In the following cases, all or part of this event and related services may be temporarily suspended or partially suspended without the consent of the applicant and without prior notice to the applicant. It may stop. Please note that we will not compensate for damages or refund tuition or entry fees.

(1) When it becomes difficult to provide related services due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, or natural disaster.

(2) When it is judged that it is difficult or impossible to hold the program in the event of a natural disaster, war, riots, orders from government agencies, or other reasons that the organizer cannot be involved in.

③ In addition, when our office determines that it is difficult to provide related services due to unforeseen circumstances.

3. 3. About posted information about the program

(1) Please note that the program holding time is a guide and may change depending on the situation.

(2) The publication schedule does not guarantee the event.

(3) Speakers and project contents are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.

Contact Us

"Intermediator Program" Secretariat

Shidara & Archipelagos

Please contact us from Mail: or the inquiry form.

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