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Forum 2021

How many more boundaries should I cross?​

Can we talk and collaborate?

November 7, sunday

​13: 00- Held online

An "intermediate" who plays an important role in the formation of a diversified society and commons, not in standardization and generalization. Things and people that mediate different domains and frameworks in various dimensions and encourage dialogue and collaboration. We are the ones who create new equilibrium, demand, and future by utilizing both sides from "between". The 5th Forum will be held at the International House of Japan in Toriizaka.

01 01

Innovation in the fog

Twenty years ago ——Two planes crashed into a skyscraper in New York on the morning of September 11, 2001. We have been informed that there are some people in the world who, for some reason, cannot deal with others.

But no time is more global and community solidarity than it is today. Today, we are facing a “chain of crisis” such as war, pandemics, climate change, and bias in world power.

Also, in conjunction with these 21st century problems, business and life are undergoing transformations. Therefore, new daily life, new working styles, and changes in the business paradigm will be actively talked about.

◉ It 's time for a big change of thinking. This is a great opportunity to innovate. Decarbonization and other climate change measures, regional revitalization, reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas, business re-creation, life-building for 100 years of life, re-learning, etc.  Innovation is necessary, and in any case, "multidimensional collaboration" is indispensable. It is self-evident that even if one person, one company, or one country works, it is completely insufficient.

That's where the "Intermediator", who aims for "collaboration between humans, machines, and nature," comes into play. It is the role of creating a place of collaboration consisting of diverse people, somehow forming mutual trust, and achieving more desirable results.  It's not just about human collaboration. It is a role that enables multidimensional collaborative work between humans, machines, and nature.

Intermediator is a value creator who brings innovation through “dialogue in diversity” while fully recognizing the differences between each other. It's not just an internal and external coordinator. It is also different from the so-called leader. Leaders recreate followers, "waiting for instructions," so this is unexploded for innovation.

◉ In recent years, the movement to create Clusters, Eco-systems, Communities, and Commons has been accelerating in each field with the aim of innovation. Intermediate is needed to give momentum to these movements. It's, so to speak, a lighthouse in the fog that calls for innovation.

I would like to connect the story of the global society and the future of humankind, such a magnificent scale story, with the story of the surrounding 3m that each is interested in, and make it time to draw tomorrow.

Setting   Tsuyoshi (Tsuyoshi Shidara, Ph.D.)
Takeshi Shigaku Office  representative,  Keio University  Ph.D. [Policy / Media]

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2021. 11. 7 (Sun)

Program 1


Program 2

Anyone who is interested in "Intermediate" can participate.

It will be held online this year.




program​ start




​Program start


Vision talk
Innovation and mediator

  Tsuyoshi Shigaku





Practice 1  


"Empowering: Activities to create humans"

─ The most important issue in the modern world ─

solo work

group dialogue


Practice 2  


"The depth of the story"

─ The root of disaster in human society ─

solo work

group dialogue

16: 15-16: 45

Dialogue & polyphony
─ Basic idea of a new paradigm ─


Participants (venue / remote) ・ Group dialogue and summary with speakers (polyphonically)


​Scheduled to end


03 03
​ Application for participation


Application for participation

Tickets (participation fee)
General 13,000 yen (tax included)

Student 3,500 yen (tax included)
Certified Intermediate 30,000 yen (tax included)

* If you are interested and it is difficult to pay the participation fee for some reason, we will only accept consultations for 5 people. Please use the inquiry form below to contact us with your reason.

* Participants are kindly requested to read and agree to the "Program Participation Terms" before participating.

* Click the "BUY TICKETS" button below to pre-register!

04 04

Group Dialog Hosts

05 05
Lecturer & Polyphonizer

Setting   Tsuyoshi (Tsuyoshi Shidara, Ph.D.)

Takeshi Shigaku Office  representative,  

Keio University  Ph.D. [Policy / Media]


Representative of Tsuyoshi Shigaku Office, Doctor of Keio University [Policy / Media], Advisor of Innovative Management. Emphasis is placed on a narrative approach that interactively draws a world concept. Work on the introduction and formation of new business paradigms, including life theory marketing.


06 06


Co-sponsored by Dunk Soft Co., Ltd.


Organized by Tsuyoshi Office , World Initiative Program

07 07

VENUE (delivery venue)

* It will be held online to prevent the spread of corona infection.

The International House of Japan 5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using this inquiry form.


* The personal information provided will be used only for the purpose of managing this event.

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