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Certified Program 2021

Application requirements


This program is intended for those who want to deepen their learning about "intermediators" and those who want to utilize their names.

We will implement the "Certified Program" as follows.

● Certified Intermediate

1) You will be able to participate in Co-learning venues limited to certified intermediates, and you will have the opportunity to continue co-learning.
2) It will be possible to utilize the name of intermediate, such as the notation and logo of Intermediate®.

● Program participation qualification

1) Those who have completed the "Intermediate Course"

2) Those who want to deepen their learning about "intermediators"

3) Those who are willing to participate in the designated Co-learning venue after completing this program

4) Those who will actively promote activities as "intermediators" in the future

5) Those who have agreed to the terms of participation in the "Intermediate Program"

● Schedule

4/1  (Thursday) ~               Reception start

7/10 (Sat)                 Application deadline

7/31  (soil)                Document submission deadline

8/2 (Monday) -8/27 (Friday)   Document review

9/1 (Wednesday) -9/11 (Saturday)     Face-to-face individual dialogue / final examination

9/20 (Monday) week               Result announcement / comment    

* The examination will be conducted by the "Intermediate Evaluation Committee".


● Documents to be submitted

1) Three-part thinking exercise

2) Activity results as an intermediary 3 cases (2000-3000 characters per case)

3) Mindset self-evaluation and future task setting

4) Profile (about 250 characters)


How to apply for participation

Please email the secretariat Mail: or use the contact form to let us know that you would like to participate in the Certified Program. We will send instructions such as documents to be submitted to those who have made inquiries.


"Intermediator Program" Secretariat

Takeshi Shigaku Office

Please contact us from Mail: or the inquiry form.

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