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Koichiro Hoshino

Dunksoft Co., Ltd.

Born in Nihonbashi in 1956. Learned programming by himself since 1982. In September 1986, became the representative director of Dual System Co., Ltd. (currently Dunksoft), and in October 1986, joined the Tokyo New Business Council and served as a director for many years. Acquired a special information processing engineer in 1987. Almighty engineer such as OS, communication network, security, DB, AI. July 2011 Established Eco Paperless Council, Representative Director. Received numerous awards from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and so on.
In addition, a regional informatization advisor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, a director of the Japan Paella Association, an outside director of Central FM, and a personality.


◉ Dunksoft Co., Ltd.

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Kobe Motomachi University: Realization of eco-paperless

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