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Intermediator Forum 2019

The world without mediation becomes chaos.


October 20

Daikanyama, Tokyo

Welcome to IMF

Creation is the result of mediation

◉ The community in which we operate, including business, is established within the “net of relationships”. However, the meshes of humans, machines, and nature, which are related to each other, are now broken everywhere.

◉ That is why, in order to solve the intricately intertwined difficult problems of the 21st century, we need things and people who can make more desirable changes by standing in the “between” of diverse intellects. A new type of intermediary who bears this "knowledge between " is called an " intermediator". It's hard to see for anyone looking for a “strong leader” who wants to stand on or in front of someone.

◉ But in order to realize a distant mission, or in the process of new demand and the movement of society and history, we mediate different cultures and territories, fully recognizing the differences, and “dialogue and collaboration”. The people who promote it have been moving. As a result of our tenacious harmony and solidarity through our hearty mediators, we have made steady, steady changes step by step. In that sense, tomorrow's world was born from the beginning.

◉ On the day of the event, we hope that you will be guided through the keynotes, cases, and open dialogues to guide you through your future role as an "intermediate" and give each and every one of you an opportunity to gain even more momentum. Creation is the result of mediation. We would like to invite people who are aiming for new developments beyond the stalemate of each area.

Setting   Tsuyoshi   ((  Tsuyoshi Shidara, Ph.D.  )

Representative of Tsuyoshi Shigaku Office,  Keio University Doctor [Policy / Media]

An "intermediate" who is at the core of a VULCAD society *.

Mediating different areas of humans, machines, and nature in various dimensions

Things and people that encourage dialogue and collaboration.

We are the ones who create new equilibrium, demand, and future by utilizing both sides from "between".

The 3rd Forum will be held at Daikanyama Hillside Terrace.



Volatility, Uncertainty, Liquidity, Complexity, Ambiguity, Diversity  


Yoshikatsu Kanemaru | Yoshikatsu KANEMARU

Representative Director / CEO of A440 Co., Ltd. Developed and produced a number of pioneering titles at Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly SCE) and Microsoft. Established A440 Co., Ltd. in 2015 to plan and produce AR apps and VR contents. Representative works include HATSUNE MIKU AR STAGE (Japan's first AR live), Utada Hikaru Laughter In the Dark VR, China Eastern Airlines brand showroom, and many recent VR works such as "MEGASTAR JOURNEY" and "Aval: Dynasaw".

Yuhei Suzuki Yuhei  SUZUKI

Representative director and writer of Kaoru Co., Ltd.
I'm staring at something lying on the floor, scooping it up, not shaping it, giving it to someone, or sharing it.


Marie Udagawa | Marie  UDAGAWA


Citatel Co., Ltd. Business Development Office. After graduating from Setsu Mode Seminar, joined Citatel Co., Ltd. in 2017 after working for several apparel companies. Aiming to create new innovations in the old-fashioned apparel world, we are conducting communication designing to connect different areas. The 2018 Good Project Award is evaluated for the project management method in which people from different companies, industries, and positions collaborate.  Received the highest award.

Tomoko Kimura Tomoko  KIMURA

Representative of Smile Plus. Landscape Architect & Community Garden Coordinator. Singapore specialist tourist guide (natural field) familiar with rainforests and biodiversity. We support "community-oriented river management" and "nature-oriented gardening" in various places such as towns, parks and various facilities. We will interactively weave "people, places, and greenery" so that the people involved can participate while having fun.


Yoko Onodera Yoko  ONODERA

Senior Managing Director, Koei Scientific Research Institute Co., Ltd. The next successor to the institute. Interested in the function of microorganisms, as a biotechnologist, promotes industry-academia collaborative research and new product development utilizing lactic acid bacteria-producing substances and lactic acid bacteria fermentation technology. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2014/27/2016, strategic basic technology advancement support project "development of anti-stress food material using soybeans using compound lactic acid bacteria fermentation method" project management manager.


Tsuyoshi Citara | Tsuyoshi SHIDARA, Ph.D.

Representative of Tsuyoshi Shigaku Office, Doctor of Keio University [Policy / Media]. Innovative management advisor. Emphasis is placed on a narrative approach that interactively draws a world concept. Work on the introduction and formation of a business paradigm that looks at a new "collaborative society" in the 23rd century, such as "life theory marketing" and "intermediator".


The Speakers


October 20, Sunday




Meeting / starting

13:30 --14:20

Keynote Speech

"World production by intermediates"

    | Speaker Tsuyoshi Shigaku

14:30 --15:30

Session 1: Machine

"AR & VR to make the world a better place"

   — A Quest for Redefined "Reality" —

    | Speaker Yoshikatsu Kanamaru (CEO, A440 Co., Ltd.)

    | Polyphonizer Tsuyoshi Shigeru

15:40 --16:40

Session 2: Human

"From Toolmaking to Worldmaking"

   — A Quest for Redefined "Human Nature" —

    | Speaker Yuhei Suzuki (Representative Director, Writer)

    | Speaker Marie Udagawa (Business Development Office, Citatel Co., Ltd.)

    | Polyphonizer Tsuyoshi Shigeru

16:50 --17:50

Session 3: Nature

"Forests, gardens and microorganisms as ties of life"

   — A Quest for Redefined "Nature" —

    | Speaker Tomoko Kimura (Representative of Smile Plus)

    | Speaker Yoko Onodera (Senior Managing Director, Koei Scientific Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

    | Polyphonizer Tsuyoshi Shigeru

17:50 --18:20

Dialogue & Polyphony

Participants interacted with each other and with speakers

Open Dialogue and Summary (Polyphonic)

18:30 --19:30

Symposion (a place for dialogue and social gathering)

The world without mediation becomes chaos.


Intermediator Forum 2019


October 20


Hillside Club Salon

Tickets (participation fee)


General   18,000 yen (tax included)
Student (up to 26 years old)
     3,240 yen (tax included)
General pair ticket 34,000 yen (tax included)

* If you are interested and it is difficult to pay the participation fee for some reason, we will only accept consultations for 5 people. Please contact us with a reason.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using this inquiry form.

​​ * The personal information provided will be used only for the purpose of managing this event.


Thank you for sending

Intermediator Forum 2019


Daikanyama Hillside Terrace CLUB HILLSIDE SALON
150-0033 30-2 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hillside Terrace Annex B Building 2F


* 5 minutes walk from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line

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