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Kitagawa Yuji

Social welfare corporation Ibuki Fukushikai
managing director

Born in Kyoto in 1969 and raised in Kobe. Graduated from University of Tsukuba, the School of Human Sciences. After DaiNippon Printing Co., Ltd., acquired the social worker license and joined the social welfare corporation Ibuki Fukushikai in 1997 and became involved in disability welfare. Going beyond the conventional framework of welfare, trying to create things and contexts by developing brands that take advantage of the welfare. While actively engaging in network activities with people who are responsible for manufacturing in the region, continue to face social participation and life problems of people with the most severe disabilities in cooperation with medical care and education. The co-author of "Neko to maru and Kotokoto-Creating Works for People with Disabilities" Kyoshin KS Booklet.


  ☞ Intermediator Case # 1

Bond with FC Gifu tied by Maneki Neko Madeleine

☞ Intermediator Case # 2

"I don't need a winner" 

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