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Kiriko Nakagawa

Small business supporter
Select Line representative

In 1995, joined the local Anan Youth Conference Center while working at Tsunomine Tourism Co., Ltd. Worked on human resource development and community development business. In 2002, selected as the 36th Deputy Director of the Anan Youth Conference Center. After that, served as a member of the national government, Tokushima prefecture, Anan city, etc.
Based in Tokyo in 2011, involved in the satellite office business in Tokushima Prefecture. In 2016, returned to Tokushima and was involved in a female entrepreneur support project in Tokushima Prefecture.
Currently, working on business by matching people with people, focusing on business support of self-employed people such as management, accounting, and PC support.

  ☞ Intermediator Case # 1

"Nodes" are  where my job starts.

☞ Intermediator Case # 2

"Intermediator" learnings in JC activities

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