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The application has been closed because the capacity has been reached.

◉ In both business and community, human communities are established within a “net of relationships”. However, organizations and societies are now cut off everywhere.

◉ That's why we need things and people to stand in the “between” and repair, regenerate, and recreate a few of the links that have been destroyed, damaged, and lost. The mediator who plays the role of "knowledge between" is called "intermediator". It's the type of people that are hard to see for those who are just looking for “strong leaders” who are trying to stand above or in front of someone.


◉ However, in the process of new demand and the movement of society and history, there are people who mediate different areas, promote "dialogue and collaboration" while fully recognizing each other's differences, and make unprecedented changes. I've been moving. In that sense, a new future has always been born because of Ai.


◉ On the day of the event, we hope that you will be informed of your future role as an “intermediate” through keynotes, cases, and open dialogues, and that you will be able to give further impetus to each person's activities. We would like to invite people who are aiming for new developments beyond the stalemate of each area.

Setting      Tsuyoshi   ((  Tsuyoshi Shidara, Ph.D.  )

Representative of Tsuyoshi Shigaku Office

Keio University Doctor [Policy / Media]

Keio University SFC Research Institute Senior Staff


Intermediators   (speakers of the day)

Set Lok Tsuyoshi
Takeshi Shigaku Office  Representative Keio University  Ph.D. [Policy / Media]
Keio University SFC Research Institute
  Senior staff


After graduating from Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, he belongs to a think tank and is involved in corporate branding.
In 2000, he was a founding member of Hangame Japan Co., Ltd. After working as the first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Vice President, he established the Tsuyoshi Office. Innovative management advisor. We are working on the introduction and formation of a new business paradigm (business perspective and way of thinking) so that we can imagine a big outlook and direction in the future. Emphasis is placed on a "narrative approach" that interactively draws future plans.
In the dissertation (refereed), "policy effect of story branding" (policy information society), "story effect in branding" (information culture society).

God mountain Shinichi
Public interest incorporated foundation  Kodaira City Cultural Promotion Foundation
Business Section Chief Kodaira City  Regional Promotion Department  Councilor

Joined Kodaira City Hall in 1988. After working in the Park and Green Space Division, Environmental Conservation Division, Education General Affairs Division, Tamarokuto Science Center, Industrial Promotion Division, Land Readjustment Support Division, and Industrial Promotion Division, he is currently seconded to the Kodaira City Cultural Promotion Foundation. Based on the idea of "not separating culture and economy," he is in charge of facility management and business planning and operation as a designated manager of two facilities, Kodaira Citizens' Culture Center and Kodaira Furusato Village (old folk house garden).
A place for exchanges across generations and regions, such as the "Tamagawa League" where public servants from the Tama area gather, and the "National Community Development Human Resources School / East Japan Branch" where public servants from the Kanto region gather, including the activities of the independent research group of Kodaira City staff. Practicing making.

Wealth Kazuo Ei
Specified non-profit organization
NPO Fusion Nagaike

Born in 1952. Graduated from Senshu University. Worked for Japan Tetra Pak Co., Ltd. for 21 years. He left the company in October 1999 and became the chairman of NPO Fusion Nagaike (Hachioji City) in December of the same year. In July 2015, became chairman. Became a designated manager of Hachioji City Nagaike Park. Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Evangelist. Deputy Chairman of the Human Resources Revitalization Study Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Member of the Water Supply Business Management Problem Study Group, Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau. Lecturer at College of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Lecturer at Local Autonomy College.

His books include "The Power of NPOs" and "Successors to NPOs".

Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award.

Star field Koichiro
CEO of Dunksoft Co., Ltd.
Digital architect


Born in Nihonbashi in 1956. In September 1986, he became the representative director of Dual System Co., Ltd. (currently Dunksoft), joined the Tokyo New Business Council in October 1986, and is currently the chairman of the board member network. July 2011 Established Eco Paperless Council, Representative Director. July 2014 Established SME IT Management Awards Club, Secretary General. Received numerous awards from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
In addition, he is a regional informatization advisor, a director of the Japan Paella Association, an outside director / personality of Chuo FM, a director of the Disaster Support Organization WeCan, a member of the Tokushima Prefecture-Village Revitalization Committee, and a director of the Japan Cross-Cultural Communication Association.

Tomo Matsubara child
Takeshi Shigaku Office Co-Representative

Since 2006, he has been in charge of corporate citizenship activities (CSR / CSV) and CSR communication of Microsoft Japan in the department under the direct control of the president. Received the finalist of the 3rd Nikkei Social Initiative Grand Prize. After working as a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Human Resources Revitalization Study Group), the secretariat of the East Japan Branch of the National Community Development Human Resources School.

Currently, at the Shitaku Go office, he is working on the creation of a new "story" that will support the next era and a "future concept" in the future. Now that every part of the organization, region, and society is cut off, he is involved in a number of innovation-promoting projects while recovering and creating new knots.

Graduated from Keio University SFC Faculty of Policy Management.



February 19, 2017 (Sun)

13:00  Opening

13:15 Rally

14:50 --15:50 Session 1

  "  Intermediate invisible diversity  "

Case 1 Shinichi Kamiyama

Case 2 Tomoko Matsubara

Polyphonizer Tsuyoshi Shigeru

13:40 --14:45 Keynote Speech  &  Dialogue


The beginning of the mediator era

  Tsuyoshi Shigaku

16:00 --17:00 Session 2

  "  Intermediate the complexity of the region  "

Case 1 Kazuo Tominaga

Case 2 Koichiro Hoshino

   Polyphonizer Tsuyoshi Shigeru

17:00 --18:00   Dialogue  &  Polyphony

Participants interacted with each other and with speakers

 Open Dialogue  And summary  (Polyphonically) 

18:15 --19:30   Symposion (  A place for dialogue and social gathering  )


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The application has been closed because the capacity has been reached. (2017/2/2)

[How to apply]

If you would like to participate, please contact us by e-mail. We will inform you of the details.


【 venue 】

The International House of Japan
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3470-4611


Takeshi Shigaku Office

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